Answering ‘What Are Your Career Goals?’ in an Interview

Create your own responses to ‘What are your career goals?’ by using these example answers as your guide:

Example 1

My goal is to eventually become a creative director. In order to reach this long-term goal, I want to continue to develop my graphic design skills. I think that it’s important for me to spend a considerable amount of time in a design role so I can get a solid foundation while working on my leadership skills. I see that your company encourages employee growth and sponsors continued education. I would love to prove my value at this company and then partake in some of these opportunities. Hopefully, I could work my way up and be an admirable leader.

Example 2

My career goals involve developing my public-speaking skills. I think that by learning how to more effectively present information, I can prove that I am an excellent leader and can take on a client-facing position. One reason this job caught my interest is how much hands-on support management offers. I would like to work on feeling more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and learn how to make my words more impactful. After becoming a better public speaker, I would ideally work my way to a management position where I get to work with important clients.

Example 3

I am determined to launch the next greatest thing. Although this goal seems vague, I have already started planning how I would do so in this role. With your team of innovative thinkers and my programming skills, I think we could work together to create the next household name in apps. I want to be known as a trailblazer and help your company find even more success while doing so.

Example 4

Although it may seem simple, my number-one career goal is to help others. That’s why your nonprofit sector caught my interest. Things like earning a higher income or more power are less interesting to me than genuinely making a positive difference in someone’s life. I have always wanted to volunteer abroad, making this position even more exciting to me. I have already experienced helping others through my work with Habitat for Humanity, but I think it would be even more fulfilling to spend more of my days doing similar work.

Example 5

I want to lead a campaign from start to finish. I know that in a junior role like this, my responsibility is to offer value while following orders. I think that by proving my worth in this position, I could eventually move onto a role that has more management responsibilities. Through my people skills and analytical thinking, I know I can show that I have what it takes to create and execute a campaign.

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